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All materials specified in our contracts are the property of Mile High Shade, LLC until paid in full. The client may cancel their transaction without penalty or obligation unless otherwise specified, at any time prior to midnight of the third business day after the date of their transaction. Due to the custom nature of the products, deposits are not refundable after the three-day rescission period.

All material is guaranteed to be as specified. Mile High Shade, LLC warrants solely its labor for a period of one (1) year from the completion date. All work is to be completed in a neat, substantial, and workmanlike manner according to standard practices. If full payment is not made to Mile High Shade, LLC all warranties are null and void. All warranty claims must be made in writing within the specified period and presented to Mile High Shade, LLC. Any alteration, deviation, or change in the work to be performed shall be reduced to a writing entitled “Change Order.” Whether the changes involve extra cost or not, they will only be executed upon written order. Such writing shall specify the change or changes, any adjustments in price therefore and shall be executed with the same formalities as this Agreement, thereby becoming a part of hereof.

The failure to complete work as per agreement because of strikes, accidents, acts of God or other delays beyond our control, including but not limited to weather conditions, shall not be the responsibility of Mile High Shade, LLC. The completion date is estimated to approximately 4-6-weeks from the date that the materials are ordered from the supplier. The completion date will vary based on the product and manufacturer. The statement of work to be performed was agreed to by Mile High Shade, LLC based on a visual inspection of readily accessible areas of the Client’s property. If at any time during the performance of work, Mile High Shade, LLC encounters unknown conditions that materially affect the required work and/or timing of services, the Client agrees to enter into reasonable changes to the statement of work, amount of payment to Mile High Shade, LLC and/or timing of completion of services to address the additional required work due to the unknown conditions. Unknown conditions include but are not limited to rewiring wiring or conduits, termite damage, water damage and code violations, the presence of which cannot be determined until the work has started.

The Client understands and agrees that the use of retractable awnings, exterior screens, and other products sold by Mile High Shade, LLC, may carry risks that can cause damage to the product, property, or people/living things that could be injured from damaged product. The Client assumes full liability for any such risks and agrees to use the products only in accordance with the instructions and warnings provided by the manufacturer and/or Mile High Shade, LLC.

The terms of this contract are 50% deposit by Visa, Mastercard, or Discover, cash or check, and payment in full is due upon completion of installation. Delays in payment shall be subject to interest charges of 18% per annum, and in no event higher than the interest rate provided by law. If Mile High Shade, LLC is required to engage the services of a collection agency or an attorney, the Client agrees to reimburse Mile High Shade, LLC for any reasonable amounts expended ln order to collect the unpaid balance.

Customers of Mile High Shade are to care and operate for their products by the instructions in the Owners Manuals. Failure to do so will release all liability from any damage to product, person, or property that arise from misuse.